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AWS - Host Static Website With S3 + Cloudfront + Route53

In this blog learn how to host a static website on AWS with S3, Cloudfront and Route53. Enable HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and reditect insecure http to secure https. Set the bucket to private.

Activate search with JavaScript

Activate serach input field with by pressing a key, implemented client-side JavaScript.

Create postgres database in docker

Quickly create a Postgresql database container.

Learn Dart Programming

Learn basics of Dart programming language with code examples and explainations.

Types of Pointers in C/C++

Photo of Hyacinth macaw by Roi Dimor on Unsplash Types of Pointers in C / C++1. Null PointerIt is a pointer pointing to nothing. NULL pointer points to the base address of the …

Avoid Memory Leaks In C++

Instructions Things You’ll Need Proficiency in C++ C++ compiler Debugger and other investigative software tools Part 1Understand the operator basics. The C++ operator new …

Operators in Bash Shell Programming

Photo by NASA on Unsplash If you want to learn bash bash scripting please read this article. Learn complete Linux bash (shell) scripting in one article Operators help us perform …

Learn Complete Linux Bash Scripting in One Article

– Photo by Iván Rivero from Pexels In this article I’ll be discussing about linux bash scripting (shell scripting) and I will cover every fundamental concept that you …

Access Wsl Filesystem From Windows 10 File Explorer

If you want to get Linux environment in your Windows system there are some solutions that provide the opportunity. For example MYSYS, CYGWIN and a Virtual Machine (If you want …