Learn slow and steady.

Go: Value Types vs Reference Types

A comparison of Go programming language's value based types and reference based types.

10 Essential Tips for Beginners Starting in IT

In the ever-evolving world of IT, prioritize mastering core concepts over chasing trends. Embrace hands-on learning through projects, stay curious, seek guidance when needed, and remember that problem-solving and persistence are key to success in this dynamic field.

NGINX: Building from Source and Installation on Linux (Updated)

In this blog we are going to build NGINX from source code. And we will configure NGINX’s settings, paths, and add or remove modules.

Installing Docker in a Custom Location on Windows

Docker can normally only be installed on the C (system) drive in Windows system. This article shows you how to install Docker in a custom location on your Windows system, giving you some space in C.

Build a URL redirector application with Cloudflare Workers and Cloudflare D1

Discover the power of Cloudflare Workers and D1 database as we guide you through building a robust URL redirector application on LorbiC.com. Shorten and customize your links effortlessly, optimizing user experience and website performance. Learn step-by-step with prerequisites, database setup, and code implementation. Unlock the potential of Cloudflare's edge computing and revolutionize URL handling for seamless redirections. Elevate your web application's performance with this comprehensive guide at Lorbic.com.

If Programming Languages Were Bollywood Stars: A Cinematic Comparison

In this blog post I try to creatively aligns programming languages with Bollywood stars, from Python's charming romance to Java's dependable megastar powerful personality. With humor and wit, it brings the coding universe to life, making the technical world feel like a star-filled Bollywood event. Enjoy, share it with your friends and comment if you have anything.

Setting Up Llama 2 with Docker on Your Gaming Laptop Using Ollama

Effortlessly set up Llama 2 on your gaming laptop using Docker and Ollama, with a user-friendly interface and local data storage for privacy.

AWS - Host Static Website With S3 + Cloudfront + Route53

In this blog learn how to host a static website on AWS with S3, Cloudfront and Route53. Enable HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and reditect insecure http to secure https. Set the bucket to private.

Simplifying Search Activation: A Quick Guide with JavaScript

Learn how to enhance user experience by activating the search input field with a simple key press on your website. This quick guide provides a code snippet and easy-to-follow steps.

Setting Up a PostgreSQL Container: A Quick Guide

Learn the simple and fast process of creating a PostgreSQL container using Docker. This guide provides both the command and a detailed explanation of the container and PostgreSQL database configuration.